I am from Japan, but I am Korean.

I am a big fan of Jazz piano music!

My mind is always chaos, so is my office.

I always have millions of ideas floating in my head.

Everyone says I have an old soul. So I guess I do.

Designing products are like playing with puzzles. 

There are always pieces perfectly matches to the others.

Looking for perfect pieces are my favorite part of designing.

Please don't ask my height.

Asahi > Sapporo

I live in Cambridge Ontario with two kitties. 


PJs are my best sewing uniforms.

I never give up

because I don't know how.

I am unusual.
I mean, very unusual.

Please don't tell me stop day dreaming. 

Because I can't.

I am tiny but mighty.

The tiny blue fishy told me that "Keep just sewing!"

Studio Ghibli > Walt Disney

I am a runner.

Boyish > Feminine 

Blue > Red

Mountain > Sea

I love cooking more than baking.

Because I don't have to scale.

Fishing > Shopping

I am not a great speaker.

Creating things are one of my  best way to communicate with people.

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